365 Soccer Sixes


In 2014 365 Soccer Sixes was created to bring a premier Six a Side competition to the Inner City and provide players an oppertunity to play at one of Sydneys best Football venues Lambert Park. 2014 also was a big year as sister competition King George Park also started with three divisons of All Age women. 




2015 Sping Competition Winners 


Under 8s Premiers: Little Men United  Champions: Mighty Blues

Under 9s Premiers: Inter Lions  Champions: Inter Lions

Under 10s Premiers: Red Dragons  Champions: APIA Tigers

Under 11 Boys Premiers: Inner West Magic White Champions: Tigers

Under 11/12 Girls Premiers: The Jets  Champions: The Terminators 

Under 12 Boys Div 1 Premiers: ABA Dragons  Champions: ABA Dragons

Under 12 Boys Div 2 Premiers: Mighty Boys Champions: Mighty Boys

Under 13 Boys Premiers: Cougars  Champions: Balmaina

Under 13/14 Girls Premiers: Golden Boots  Champions: Golden Boots

Under 14 Boys Premiers: Missiles  Champions: Missiles

Under 15 Boys: Vlaka FC  Champions: Vlaka FC 

Monday AAM Div 1 Premiers: Inner West Magic  Champions: Inter 

Monday AAM Div 2 Premiers: Dem Boyz  Champions: Game on FC

Monday AAM Div 3 Premiers: Tutti Fritti  Champions: Tutti Fritti

Monday O35 Div 1 Premiers: All White FC Champions: TikiTaka Pajeros

Monday O35 Div 1 Premiers: Balmain Wanderers  Champions: Balmain Wanderers

Tuesday AAM Div 2 Premiers: Balmain Saint Germain  Champions:Balmain Saint Germain

Wednesday AAM Div 1 Premiers: Fratellinis Champions:Fratellinis

Wednesday Mixed Div 1 Premiers: Beast Mode  Champions: Foti United

Thursday AAW Div 1 Premiers: Victorious Secret  Champions: Victorious Secret

Thursday 045 Div 1 Premiers: Hardt Leich  Champions: Balkan Express

Friday AAW Div 3 Premiers: YOLO  Champions: YOLO


King George Park AAW Div 1 Premiers: Merilux Marvels Champions: Merilux Marvels 

King George Park AAW Div 2 Premiers: Pink Ladies Champions: Pink Ladies 

King George Park AAW Div 3 Premiers: The Sinners Champions: 204Sixes



2016 Summer Competition Winners 


Monday AAM Red Premiers: Inter  Champions: Team CBF 

Monday AAM White Premiers: Rio  Champions: Boythes FC

Monday AAM Blue Premiers: Tutti Fritti  Champions: Tutti Fritti

Monday O35 Red Premiers: Balmain Wanderers Champions: UPU2

Monday O35 White Premiers: The Wanderers  Champions: Vez FC

Wednesday Men's Premiers: United  Champions: 

Wednesday AAW Div 1 Premiers: Gumbies FC  Champions: 

Thursday 11/12 Girls Premiers: APIA Tigers  Champions: Xtreme

Thursday 11/12 Boys Premiers: Sydney Celtic  Champions: Sydney Celtic